Nicola Sturgeon nightmare: SNP set for disaster in 2020 as party faces COLLAPSE | UK | News

Nicola Sturgeon is in for a “rocky” time next year, according to former Labour MP George Galloway. The First Minister ended 2019 with a victory for the SNP as they gained 13 seats to hold 48 of the 59 Scottish battlegrounds in the December general election. Mr Galloway spoke to about his predictions for the nationalist party in next year’s Scottish Parliament elections.

He told “Just as with the British election result, you have to keep these things in proper perspective.

“The SNP has a huge number of parliamentary seats.

“But, for example, more people voted for Brexit in Scotland than voted for the SNP.

“Secondly, they have a huge haul of seats, but less than 50 percent of the Scottish population voted for them.”

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Mr Galloway continued: “That means more than 50 percent did not vote for them.

“A referendum is the best test of whether or not Scotland wants to be independent, not Westminster election results.

“I predict you that the SNP will lose their majority.

“They already lost it actually and are now dependent on the Scottish Greens, who are just a different shade of tartan.”

Ms Sturgeon was already dealt a blow when Boris Johnson formally rejected a call for a second independence referendum.

The Prime Minister said a referendum would “continue the political stagnation Scotland has seen for the past decade”.

He cited the First Minister’s previous pledge that the 2014 referendum would be a “once in a generation” vote.

Ms Sturgeon tweeted that the Tories were attempting to “deny democracy”.

In her election victory speech, the SNP leader said a rejection from Mr Johnson would “drive a coach and horses through the very idea that is supposed to underpin the UK”.

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