Melania Trump news: First lady delights Instagram fans with White House Christmas pictures | World | News

The first lady used the message to thank those who gave their time for the hard work, as well as saying how much she is looking forward to seeing the results. Last month Melania welcomed the traditional White House Christmas tree to the building.

As is the custom it completed its journey to the President’s residence on a horse drawn cart.

On Instagram Melania posted four pictures of Christmas decorations being applied around the White House to her 3.5 million followers.

The first two show decorations being added by volunteers onto what appear to be Christmas trees.

The others show what appears to be a festive wreath being prepared and five volunteers working through boxes.

Melanie added a comment to her post expressing appreciation for the volunteers.

She said: “Volunteers are hard at work at the White House.

“Thank you to all who came all across our great nation to decorate the People’s House.

“Looking forward to view it tomorrow morning!”

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“To those in our military who are serving overseas, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

“Our nation is thankful for all you do!”

Melania’s Christmas update was welcomed by fans of the First Lady.

One wrote: “Can’t wait to see it. Last year was spectacular.”

Another added: “Beautiful Christmas Tree” followed by an American flag emoji.

Other commentators went out of their way to complement the First Lady personally.

One asserted: “Thank you for being our most gracious, kind, intelligent and beautiful First Lady!”

The post attracted over 71,000 likes on the social media platform.

Trump is currently fighting an attempt by Congressional Democrats to impeach him over alleged abuses of power.

It came after a whistleblower claimed the President pressurised Ukraine into investigating the son of one of his political rivals by threatening to withhold military aide.

The President strongly denies any claims of wrongdoing.

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